BMW K1200LTPismo Beach and Pozo Saloon

Mar. 2005


Dolor, Angela, Mike, Eliane and I went to this short trip to Pismo Beach, CA making a lunch stop at Pozo Saloon, in Pozo, and there are some pictures we would like to share with you all. Most pictures are taken by Eliane and some a by Angela.

We left on Saturday morning a and came back on Sunday afternoon and our mileage was:
Saturday = 289 miles - 9:00hours total
Sunday = 238 miles - 7:00hours total
The total driving time was little almosot 12 hours and was a really good back country roads.

The bike went well. No problems at all but I realized that the tires are ready to go to recicle plant...

The Miles per Gallons was good. Around 46mpg.

The roads were good unless for a 'closed road' we got near Lake Hudges. We went thru any way and wasn't too bad. Not much demage on the roads who drove:
I-15, Hwy 138, Pine Canyon road, Hwy 138 again, I-5 for about 3 miles, Cuddy Valley Road, Hwy 33 and then 58, then few back country no name roads to Pozo Saloon, then hwy 101 to Pismo Beach.
The way back was hwy 101, Hwy 166 and then back to the same Cuddy valley raod and home.

The hotel at Pismo Beach was OK. Not cheap ($89) but was clean. Dolphin Cove Motel.

Bellow are some maps and the GPS read out.

Pismo Beach and Pozo
Some pictures have comments on it. Please, check all.

DSC00067.JPG (54kb) DSC00069.JPG (67kb) DSC00070.JPG (41kb) DSC00073.JPG (46kb) DSC00073a.JPG (58kb)
DSC00078.JPG (52kb) DSC00080.JPG (45kb) DSC00081.JPG (53kb) DSC00081a.JPG (62kb) DSC00082.JPG (65kb)
DSC00086.JPG (43kb) DSC00087.JPG (58kb) DSC00088.JPG (38kb) DSC00089.JPG (55kb) DSC00090.JPG (48kb)
DSC00092.JPG (53kb) DSC00094.JPG (46kb) DSC00096.JPG (93kb) DSC00097.JPG (85kb) DSC00098.JPG (64kb)
DSC00098a.JPG (64kb) DSC00099.JPG (94kb) DSC00108.JPG (47kb) DSC00109.JPG (41kb) DSC00110.JPG (59kb)
DSC00111.JPG (57kb) DSC00111a.JPG (109kb) DSC00111b.JPG (107kb) DSC00113.JPG (56kb) DSC00116.JPG (82kb)
DSC00118.JPG (47kb) DSC00121.JPG (101kb) DSC00121b.JPG (55kb) DSC00122.JPG (63kb) DSC00123.JPG (64kb)
DSC00124.JPG (68kb) DSC00125.JPG (51kb) DSC00131.JPG (76kb) DSC00140.JPG (35kb) DSC00143.JPG (44kb)
DSC00143a.JPG (52kb) DSC00147.JPG (56kb) DSC00147a.JPG (46kb) DSC00148.JPG (65kb) DSC00149.JPG (88kb)
DSC00150.JPG (56kb) DSC00151.JPG (69kb) DSC00153.JPG (83kb) DSC00153a.JPG (114kb) DSC00153b.JPG (120kb)
DSC00154.JPG (53kb) DSC00155.JPG (72kb) DSC00156.JPG (68kb) DSC00159.JPG (55kb) DSC00159a.JPG (88kb)
DSC00160.JPG (29kb) DSC00161.JPG (35kb) DSC00162.JPG (45kb) DSC00163.JPG (45kb) DSC00164.JPG (44kb)
DSC00165.JPG (103kb) DSC00166.JPG (77kb) DSC00167.JPG (80kb) DSC00168.JPG (118kb) DSC00169.JPG (74kb)
DSC00170.JPG (80kb) DSC00172.JPG (114kb) DSC00173.JPG (115kb) DSC00173a.JPG (127kb) DSC00173b.JPG (59kb)
DSC00178.JPG (62kb) DSC00179.JPG (66kb) DSC00179a.JPG (89kb) DSC00179b.JPG (65kb) DSC00182.JPG (50kb)
DSC00183.JPG (46kb) DSC00184a.JPG (55kb) DSC00185.JPG (36kb) DSC00189.JPG (37kb) DSC00189a.JPG (48kb)
DSC00190.JPG (47kb) DSC00192.JPG (64kb) DSC00195.JPG (38kb) DSC00195a.JPG (50kb) DSC00198.JPG (59kb)
DSC00198a.JPG (93kb) DSC00198b.JPG (51kb) DSC00198c.JPG (52kb) DSC00219.JPG (48kb) DSC00221.JPG (36kb)
DSC00222.JPG (29kb) DSC00223.JPG (38kb) DSC00226.JPG (42kb) DSC00227.JPG (35kb) DSC00228.JPG (38kb)
DSC00230.JPG (47kb) DSC00232.JPG (40kb) DSC00234.JPG (39kb) DSC00235.JPG (32kb) DSC00235a.JPG (37kb)
DSC00236.JPG (48kb) DSC00238.JPG (50kb) DSC00239.JPG (39kb) DSC00240.JPG (66kb) DSC00241.JPG (80kb)
DSC00242.JPG (59kb) DSC00242a.JPG (88kb) DSC00242b.JPG (112kb) DSC00248.JPG (55kb) DSC00251.JPG (58kb)
DSC0121a.JPG (56kb) DSC01675.JPG (42kb)