Wallpaper from Oahu


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Kanoeh BayKanoehe Bay - Ideal for water activities. Good spots for snorkeling and deep sea diving.
Surfing HawaiiSurfing Hawaii - Winter months in Hawaii, gigantic waves curl and encompass the surfer.
Kodak Hula ShowKodak Hula Show - One of the most popular shows on the island, Kodak Hula Show is a presentation of a Polynesian show with musicians, Hual and Tahitian dancers
Leis of AlohaLeis of Aloha - In the tradition of the Hawaiin islands, flower leis are given as a symbol of love or friendship
Sea Life Park DolphinsSea Life Park Dolphins - This is the home of dolphins.
Waikiki beach and Waikiki beach and Diamond Head - Crystal blue water make it a world favorite. Diamond Head, the famous Hawaiian landmark, can be seen in the distance.
Night sky above WaikikiNight sky above Waikiki - Fireworks lights up the night sky of Honolulu.
Hanauma BayHanauma Bay - The Crystal clear waters of Hawaii's Hanauma Bay make it ideal for snorkeling and diving. The bay became a marine reserve in 1967. Because of its beauty , this location has been used on many movies.
Ala Moana sunsetAla Moana sunset - Full moon rose above treetops at Ala Moana Beach Park as the evening twilight faded away.
USS Arizona Memorial USS Arizona Memorial - Was built over the sunken battleship USS Arizona and was dedicated to those who lost their lives in the historic attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941
This is PolynesiaThis is Polynesia! - The beauty and excitement of a special place and people sharing the aloha spirit is captured during the Polynesian Cultural Center's world-famous evening show.
Waikiki sunsetWaikiki sunset - Hawaii famous beach