BMW K1200LTNorth California Trip

June 2003

We had this trip to NorCal primary to visit Rick Mayer Saddles shop, just to get a small fix my bike saddles. Since the weather was perfect, we made it a little longer, with about 2000 miles round trip from home.

We left on Friday night and came back on Tuesday night and our mileage was:
Friday = 123 miles - 2:20hours
Saturday = 541 miles - 13:00hours
Sunday = 248 miles - 6:00hours
Monday = 465 miles - 11:00 hours
Tuesday = 534 miles - 13:00 hours

The bike went well, but I had to put a littel less then 1/4 of oil on the engine. I'm not sure why but I'm going to check it this comming week.

The Miles per Galon was so so... on the slow twiest roads wa always more then 42mpg (record=52mpg), but on the freeway was around 39mpg (lowest 37mpg). The dealer still telling it's because the bike is not break in yet.

Below you can see the links for some nice pictures and few comments.

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