BMW K1200LTEnsenda and San Felipe - Mexico Trip

Feb. 2005


Dolor and I with our respective's S.O. went to this short trip to Baja California, Mexico, and there are some pictures we would like to share with you all. Most pictures are taken by Eliane and some a by Angela.

We left on Saturday morning a and came back on Sunday afternoon and our mileage was:
Saturday = 389 miles - 10:00hours total
Sunday = 298 miles - 8:00hours total
The total driving time was little over 14 hours and considering the roads were wet and slippery I would say was a good time for all trip.
The border waist time on the way back was about 1:30h. We cross by Mexicaly/Calexico and we guess was a good time (Tijuana would be at least double)

The bike went well. No problems at all. I was surprise how good it handle the rain. Saturday we got rain all day long and my gloves still dry. That makes me happy. Make a point here, it wasn't light rain. Was heavy rain that we could not take pictures most of the places. Make a note: need a waterproof camera....

The Miles per Gallons was so so... I will blame the Mexican gas, but not so sure. Average was under 39mpg.

The roads were generally good. Actually, the worst one was the toll road...(who understand it???), from Tijuana to Ensenada. But be advised, the free road is even worst, so take the toll one. There is 3 toll boots and each one was 25 pesos.

Get pesos at the border, before crossing. Was the best price (113 per dollar). San Felipe had the worse one 100 per dollar).

The high point on the trip was La Bufadora in Ensenada.

The hotel at San Felipe was OK. We got a good deal at $38 (Motel Don Jesus scroll dow to the Motel, not the Hacienda. All from the same owner) with one breakfast as courtesy. Clean and very small rooms.

I have few more comments bellow each picture on the picture page.

Bellow are some maps and the GPS read out.

You may click on each map to see a large view

Day 1 first part

Day 1 second part

Day 2

Detail Ensenada winding road and Buffadora

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