BMW K1200LTJoshua Tree Park, CA

April 2005


This was a dinner invitation by our friend Mike. He was doing Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree this weekend and invited us to have a dinner with him and his friends.

The trip was like that:

Click the thumbnails to a large picture.

DSC00379.JPG (77kb) DSC00380.JPG (50kb) DSC00381.JPG (53kb) DSC00382.JPG (71kb) DSC00383.JPG (61kb)
DSC00384.JPG (55kb) DSC00385.JPG (68kb) DSC00386.JPG (56kb) DSC00387.JPG (53kb) DSC00388.JPG (51kb)
DSC00389.JPG (54kb) DSC00390.JPG (59kb) DSC00391.JPG (65kb) DSC00392.JPG (79kb) DSC00393.JPG (89kb)
DSC00394.JPG (109kb) DSC00395.JPG (120kb) DSC00396.JPG (76kb) DSC00397.JPG (95kb) DSC00398.JPG (78kb)
DSC00399.JPG (98kb) DSC00400.JPG (80kb)      

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