BMW K1200LTIdyllwild and Julian

November 2003

Going up on CA-243 at 10:00A, with snow all over :) (31kb) More snow at 5000+ and the temperature drops to 36F. (44kb) Now it start's getting scary. And the temp. still 36F (32kb) If it drops to 32F for sure we will hit ice spots. Is 35F at almost 6.000 feet (21kb)
Entering Idyllwild and there is snow all over. (32kb) Starts getting better (30kb) . (38kb) Idyllwild donwtown. The snow is melted. (35kb)
Idyllwild (24kb) After our breakfast (waiting pictures from Friday Bob, we went to Julian.  (18kb) Very nice ride, very nice roads, very nice riders (20kb) All bikes on a break stop (26kb)
. (24kb) Part of our group. (33kb) . (32kb) Fire damage around Julian (43kb)
Julian. We had a private show, when the troup was preparing for the real show :) (32kb) . (29kb) . (32kb) . (39kb)
More fire damages. (27kb) . (45kb) . (32kb) Going back home. we were luck and we didn't get any rain all day. (20kb)

Nice day on the bike with realy god friends.

On my GPS I have about 260 miles in 5 hours