BMW K1200LTDeath Valley, CA

October 2004

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Our Trip, day by day
Day Places Numbers  
10/23 Home to Beatty 321 miles  
10/24 Beatty to Home 346 miles  
  Running total so far 667 miles  

The Trip We are following Dolor, our friend who has a Honda Valkyrie on this trip with basically only Valkyrie's motorcycles on it. The link for the group is SoCal Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club and it was their monthly ride.
Hotel first night

The Stagecoach Hotel & Casino
900 E. Highway 95
Beatty, NV 89003
(775) 553-2419

The hotel was pretty good specially if you think it is in the middle of nothing. Special rate of $38,15 per room. Clean beds and bathrooms and the TV and phone worked.

Food The food Saturday was snacks only. We arrived at the lunch place after 2PM and it was closed (Stovepipe Wells). At Beatty the food was OK.
The Good It was a really nice group of Valkyrie's Riders. One of the best team I ever see. All are very friendly and nice people.
The Bad Fred, the oldest guy on the group (82) went down in an incident few miles after Trona. Also George who was following him had a minor injuries too. That was really sad.
The gas The bike average 48mpg with the most expensive gas at $3.03 for the gallon at Baker, CA. Try to avoid stop there for gas.
The Speed See the GPS details on top.
Web sites Death Valley National Park


Death Valley, Valkyrie style

DSC00004.jpg (51kb) DSC00008.jpg (46kb) DSC00010.jpg (32kb) DSC00011.jpg (43kb)
DSC00014.jpg (26kb) DSC00016.jpg (35kb) DSC00017.jpg (31kb) DSC00018.jpg (34kb)
DSC00019.jpg (25kb) DSC00020.jpg (28kb) DSC00022.jpg (45kb) DSC00024.jpg (37kb)
DSC00029.jpg (24kb) DSC00030.jpg (23kb) DSC00032.jpg (28kb) DSC00035.jpg (22kb)
DSC00036.jpg (23kb) DSC00039.jpg (25kb) DSC00041.jpg (22kb) DSC00048.jpg (22kb)
DSC00052.jpg (29kb) DSC00053.jpg (25kb) DSC00062.jpg (25kb)  
DSC00068.jpg (31kb) DSC00070.jpg (45kb) DSC00071.jpg (34kb) DSC00072.jpg (25kb)
DSC00073.jpg (30kb) DSC00074.jpg (32kb) DSC07085.jpg (28kb) DSC07086.jpg (38kb)
DSC07087.jpg (35kb) DSC07088.jpg (26kb) DSC07089.jpg (41kb) DSC07090.jpg (15kb)
DSC07091.jpg (7kb) DSC07092.jpg (9kb) DSC07094.jpg (10kb) DSC07095.jpg (7kb)
DSC07100.jpg (34kb) DSC07101.jpg (30kb) DSC07102.jpg (25kb) DSC07103.jpg (30kb)
DSC07104.jpg (30kb) DSC07105.jpg (21kb) DSC07106.jpg (27kb) DSC07107.jpg (26kb)
DSC07108.jpg (23kb) DSC07111.jpg (52kb) DSC07112.jpg (53kb) DSC07113.jpg (50kb)
DSC07114.jpg (53kb)      


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