BMW R1150GSBryce Canyon, UT
Octuber 2004

BMW K1200LTBryce Canyon, UT

October 2004

Our Trip, day by day
Day Places Numbers  
10/08 Home to Springdale 388 miles  
10/09 Bryce Canyon 170 miles  
10/10 Springdale to Home 388 miles  
  Running total so far 946 miles  


GPS photo

The Trip This is our Brazilian Group annual trip to Zion/Bryce on it's 3th edition
Hotel 2 nights

Canyon Ranch Motel
668 Zion Park Blvd. • P.O. Box 175
Springdale, Utah 84767
Phone: (435) 772-3357

I have been using this motel for the last 5 or 6 trips to Zion. About $70 a night and very good for the price.

Food We brought our own food this time. Seams better since I could not find a good food at Springdale.
The Good Walking inside the canyons at Bryce Canyon
The Bad Only few brazilians could make it this year
The gas The bike average 51mpg with the most expensive gas at $2.86for the gallon at State Line.
The Speed See the GPS details on top.
Web sites Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon, UT

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Bryce Canyon map