BMW R1150GSAnza Borrego and Joshua Tree Park
January, 2004
This was a motorcycle trip I did with some K1200LT Internet Group friends, David and Tom. There is another one here
bmw k1200lt silver

David and I left 7:00AM from a gas station on I-10 in San Bernardino and met Tom at Beaumont. From there we went south to have a breakfast at Denis. The waitress Maria was nice; She combine our orders in some sort if big order and save us money... :)

There are the bikes on the back parking lot.

anza borrego bmw motorcycle trip

The day was super.

Could not be better. No wind, sunny and nice roads.

We miss the group who we are suppose to met at Starbucks in Temecula, so we did the ride by our own.

This picture is at the top of Borrego mountain.

bmw motorcycle on the desert

Same location, now showing the view.

Denis is from Minnesota and was here working and Tom and I were showing our routes to him.

Sure we got lost couple times :) Darm GPS !@#$%

Borrego Springs Almost at the bottom of the mountain, after Borrego Springs, before Salton Sea.
K1200LT Silver If you look close, you will see Salton Sea at the back. The blue before the mountains.
  BMW with Arai helmet
Here at Salton Sea Marina. Salton Sea
At Joshua Tree National Park South entrance. Joshua Tree National Park
At the top of Keys View. Amazing ride, after 5 miles of dirt road (scary for me, David just zip fast thru it on is rental Harley Davidson). Keys View at joshua

This is the view from Keys View.

You can see Salton Sea down (south side) and back there you can see Mexico Mountains.

Was kind of fog today, but not bad.

The temperature here was 58F.

Keys View
Keys View As you can see, many picture at Keys View
Joshua Tree  
BMW Silver

We had about 340 miles in 10 hours total (8 hours driving)

good breakfast, good lunch and good company.

The top speed was 1xx (ops... that road before Salton Sea is soo good)

Below there is two different mapsfrom this trip.

Also check my previous trip to Anza Borrego in 2000


Ride map

Motorcycle map