BMW R1150GSAlaska and West Canada
July 2005
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Things to do before the trip
Things to pack for the trip

Our Trip, day by day
Day Places -
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06/28 - 01 Home, California to Castle Crags State Park, CA 677 miles
06/29 - 02 To Sumas, WA 668 miles
06/30 - 03 To Burns Lake, BC 587 miles
C 2 long tunels
07/01 - 04 To Dease Lake 555 miles
M Visit Stewart
07/02 - 05 To Whitehorse 403 miles
07/03 - 06 To Tok, Alaska 392 miles
C Glacier view/Ferry
07/04 - 07 To Seward, AK 502 miles
C Alyeska Tram
Glacier visit
07/05 - 08 Seward to Anchorage 392 miles
M Visit to Homer
Homer Spit
07/06 - 09 To Denali Park 283 miles
C Visit Anchorage
07/07 - 10 To Fairbanks 123 miles
C Visit Denaly Park
07/08 - 11 Day trip to Barrow - Fly  
M Barrow
07/09 - 12 Barrow - Canceled fly  
07/10 - 13 To Whitehorse, Canada 599 miles
07/11 - 14 To Fort Nelson, Canada 588 miles
07/12 - 15 To Hinton, Canada 586 miles
07/13 - 16 To Glacier NP, USA 519 miles
C Jasper, Banff, Calgary
07/14 - 17 To Cody,WY 602 miles
07/15 - 18 To Custer, SD 353 miles
  Ken's house
07/16 - 19 To Grand Junciton, CO 638 miles
M Snowmobile photos
07/17 - 20 To Home 880 miles
  Total Mileage 9,347 miles
  520 miles/day - 11:30h/day

NEW: Google Maps for this trip

Some observations on my trip:
The BMW boots are sleeper on the pedals when wet. They are very good boots for walking. We used it all day long, all days. We had no other shoes, just tiny sandals for the night, and our feet never got sour. But when the pegs are wet, be careful.

The Metz880 are sleepers on wet pavement. Period.
They sleep in turns, when you cross over painted marks and on uneven pavement. They wear in a weird way, even checking the pressure every 2 days (42 / 47) the tire now has a lot of bumps and is pretty squared.
Also I got a lot, (I mean a lot) of cuts on the rubber, but neither one got to the interior or the Tire-UP that in use helped to keep the air in. Besides the cuts, there were some cracks too. I hope the pictures can show it in details.
More, the tire is very noise.
My opinion is to never use Metzlers 880 again. We are already planning another trip to Alaska, maybe in 4 years from now; then I will ship BT020 somewhere so I can complete the trip using BT020. I'm sure they would not last for the whole 9500 total miles. They are too soft for the hard roads we got there.

The K1200LT handles pretty well on compact gravel. At certain points I was doing 50mph with rain on top of that gravel. Sort of scary but can be done. It was a big surprise for me that I could do that.

I never had to use the HID or the PIAA lights. There is no need. The second night on the trip (still USA) we had sunlight until 9:00PM and from there on, the days just got longer.

The only problem on the bike was the windshield motor. It's not going all the way down since the day 12 of the trip. I will need to disassemble it and see what could be blocking the way down for about half inch.

The iPod, a new model iPhoto 60, just died on the day 10. It was a big minus on the trip since I had spent uncountable hours preparing the music selection. I could not get any help on the road (nobody knew what iPod is either in Alaska or Canada). And when I got home, I just put the iPod on the cradle and it started working again, like it never had a problem. I will have to travel again with it and see what will happen.

The Belfast jackets perform very well in the wind, cold and rain. Also I was glad that I had sent our summer gear to Custer, SD, so we could change it there. We would not be able to get back using that gear under the 124F we got on the last day.

The bike, using the brow wire cut, needs gas 91. Every single time I had to use anything different, the bike complains.

I've being trying to clean the bike since I got back, and after 2 washes, it’s still pretty dirty. There is something they use there on the roads that grabs the panels and I haven’t been able to remove so far. I'm thinking about disassembling the whole panels and try to wash/polish it individually and see if I can get the bike clean again.

We have a really good camping gear. All worked perfect and we really enjoy the camping experience. We will do it very often from now own.

HOME, CA - June 28

Stockton, CA - June 28

Longview, WA - June 29
Prince George,Can - June 30
Stewart, Can - July 01
Skagway, AK - July 02
Haines, AK - Ferry
Tok, AK - July 03
Homer Denali Park
Whitehorse, Can - July 10
Watson Lake
Fort Nelson, Can - July 11
Jasper, Can - July 12
Calgary - July 13
White Sulphur Spring, MT - July 13
Custer, SD - July 15
Needles, NV - July 16
Home, CA - July 17

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