BMW R1150GSYellowstone and more

July 2007
11 days riding North Wyoming and Southeast Montana best roads


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The trip report and MAP are at the end.

We use the 2002 BMW K1200LT for this 11 days trip.

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The start mileage ono the bike was 58.260miles and we are expecting to turn the 60.000 mile on this trip.

This is our stuff for the trip

Two side bags, one trunk bag and one top duffel bag.
On the trunk bag goes most of our clothing.
One side bag for tools and electronics
One side bag for toiletry and medical.
And the top duffel for camping gear. (2 sleeping bags, 2 mattress, tent and small parts


packing for a motorcycle trip

Day 1 was hot. Very hot. We had most of the trip over 100F, and the record were in Baker at 113F

We slept at a hotel in Mesquite, NV. Too hot to camp (was 102F at 10PM).

It was I-15 during all 5:30 boring hours and totally uneventfully


I-15 at 113F

The second day start great. I love to cross the Nevada,Arizona,Utah canyon on I-15.

We were on the road about 6:30AM and today wasn't too hot. The max was 103F, but most of the day we had around 95F

Canyon on I-15
When we got to St. George we saw this dense smoke on the air. Was hard to bread on the open motorcycle. I'm not sure from what fire it was, but was really bad. Saint George under smoke
Guess what?!. After 500 miles and we had to cross a rail road and the train was there. A very long one. We count 108 cars, but some of them had already passed. The diesel locomotive were in the middle of the train (or it had some on the front and those 4 more in the middle). train crossing

Then the view start being what we came for. Gorgeous.

But was too good to be true. I found a leaking on the valve cover of the bike and we had to cut short the day. Stop in Vernal and I try to fix it, but seams like I do have a big problem: one screw stripped the hole housing on the engine block.

Tomorrow I will check at a local MC dealer if he can do something else.

Great outdoors

There is the bike at the York Motorsports of Vernal. Josh was the mechanic guy and he worked very good doing a helycoil fix on the valve cover. I brought the bike already naked so it took him about an hour to do it. He was so nice gave me oil from his personal bike to complete the level on mine. Nice people there.

k1200lt naked
By noon we were on the road again. Those are the roads a MC guy always look for. Between Vernal and Rock Springs, the HWY 191 is simple the greatest one. Motorcycle road HWY 191

We arrived at Lander around 3:00PM, checking at the hotel (bad one... nice from outside, but really bad inside. I would not stay again at Budget Host Pronghorn Lodge.

Next morning we moved to the Holiday Motel Super 9. Less expensive and much better rooms.

Lander, WY motel
The Sinks, in Lander, WY is an interesting formation where the water goes underground for about 1/2 mile and them surface in a beautiful lagoon with fishes. the sinks, lander, wy
This is the hole were the water goes underground. the sink


Lander hotel
and 1/2 mile below, there is the lagoon where the water surface again. fish pool

with many fishes.

No. of course you are not allowed the fish here.

fishing in wyoming
  water running
Fort Washakie, near Lander, WY Forth Washakie
Looks like people like to us this sign as a target. Chief Joseph Scenic Highway
This is one of the best motorcycle roads on this trip: Chief Joseph Hwy. Chief Joseph Highway
We had many roads with life stock crossing. cows on the road
Blue skies were a constant. The temperature on the mountains was good, but on the lower roads it was over 85F most of the time. BMW K1200LT
Do not feed the animals. squierell

Bear tooth highway 212.

For me, this is the most amazing motorcycle road in the U.S.

hwy 212
Pedro and his wife. HWY 212
Nice view. k1200LT
Nicer view. :)
we also had a lot of road constructions. Entering the Yellowstone park was a big one. road construction
entering Yellowstone Park we could see this bear next to the road. yellowstone bears
one of the many lava holes in Yellowstone. lava vulcano

This pelican is waiting for his dinner to jump.

At the rapids in yellowstone river, many trout swimming river up and jump to pass thru this point, where the predator feed.

rapid river pelican
Yellowstone river yellowstone rive
buffalo bufallo
The Old Faithful in Yellowstone. old faitfull yellowstone
the clear pools at Yellowstone park Middle pool
Mesa Falls, ID mesa falls
pass before Jackson Hole, WY jackson hole pass
Grand Tetons grand tetons
Jackson hole portal, made of dear horns. jackson hole
A great apple pie at Yellowstone lodge apple pie in Yellowstone Lodge.
Pinnacles, near Dubois, on HWY 26 pinacles
A bad road that we manage to cross right before a really heavy rain. Had we took a little longer, and we would not be able to cross it. bad roads
your cabin at Dubois. dubois
Ken making experiences with cedar. cedro
Fire hole in Flamingo Gorge flaming gorge
  elton and eliane
an old turbine at Flaming Gorge dam flamingo gorge turbine
Flaming Gorge dam flamingo gorge dam
Passing over the dam flamingo gorge
Near Zion National Park zion national park

Our last night was at this very nice Bed and Breakfast, the Historic Smith Hotel B&B, in Glendale, UT.

very nice people there ad highly recommend you to stay there.

Bed and Breakfast


Click on each day for a map view

308 - 5:30H
308 miles - 5:30H
48mpg - 69.5mph
Mesquite, NV
Hotel $33 Oasis
744 - 11:41H
436M - 6:10H
41mpg - 66.8mph
Vernal, UT
$86 Super 8
Bike leaking oil from the valve cover. Screw was stripped.
971 - 16:30
227M - 4:00H
50mpg - 65mph

Lander, WY
$81 Rodeway Inn - Bad motel

Stripped valve hole was fix, but still a small leaking.
1081 - 20:30
110M - 4:00H
50mpg - 60mph
Lander, WY
$59 Nine
Sink River
1388 - 28:30
307M - 8:30H
52mpg - 59mph
Red Lodge, MT
$76 Yodeler Motel
We rode Hwy 212... Wonderfull
1670 -
282M - 7:00H
53mpg - 35mph
Asthon, ID
$85 Super 8
Yellowstone park
202m - 8:00H
52mpg - 40mph
Boise, WY
$85 Twin Pines Lodge
Grand Tetons


324M - 8:00H
50mpg - 55mph
Vernal, UT
$86 Rodway Inn - Bad hotel
Flamingo Gorge
392M - 7:00H
51mpg - 65mph

Glendale, UT
$65 - Smith B&B

Escalante and Bryce
423M - 7:00H
48mpg - 69mph
HOME hot. was really hot. 103F most of the trip.

Who is Elton

I was born in Brazil and moved to USA, California in 1996. Took me some time to learn the language and get into this country, but I think now I'm doing quite well. I became an American citizen in late 2007.
I love to travel and by the time I was writing this page, I had logged more them 140.000 miles on the motorcycles I have/had. My current bikes are one 2002 BMW K1200LTe and one 2003 BMW R1150GS. Also there are many more miles on my car and much more on airplane trips.
Winter I try to do Snowmobile. Summer is time for water sports (PWC) and I motorcycle year around (one of the benefits of living in sunny California)



Yellowstone motorcycle trip