BMW R1150GSSan Felipe and Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

December 2007
Long weekend in Mexico with friends


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We use the 2003 BMW R150GS for this trip.

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We left Friday morning towards La Quinta to meet with Doug, Vickie and Yair.

At 7:45AM the day was perfect. I little cold but with good gear make the ride very pleasant.

The freeway had more cars than I was expecting, but still good traffic.


I-10 freeway

After patching a small electrical issue on Doug's LT we went off the Starbucks in La Quinta and met Jim at the Mac Donalds in Calexico around 11:15AM. We had some small lunch there. I got some pesos at the one of the exchange boots that are there and we were ready to our Mexico trip.

Calexico/Mexicali border

The border was very easy. We didn't stop since we had our Mexican insurance already bought over the internet. less then 1 minute to pass it.

The car traffic in Mexicali/Calexico is a bit chaotic but with caution we manage to went thru without any incidents. Find the Mexico 5 South wasn't difficult. it's very well indicate on sighs and if you have any idea were you want to go, you will not get lost.

mexico border crossing
The highway 5 going down to San Felipe is very plain and nothing to see but the dry lake left when Colorado river stop flooding that area mexico desert highway 5

We arrived in San Felipe at 14:30. We cover a little less then 300 miles in about 7 hours trip with stops.

The temperature in San Felipe was good on the 60's and we quickly decided on a hotel

san felipe, mexico

Don Jesus was on the average prices for the area. (U$62) with the rooms were very cold. The manager had ordered some heaters that were coming from Calexico and by night it was already placed on the room, but that help just a little. Was a cold night.


don jesus hotel san felipe, mexico

The hotel seams very secure, we could park our bikes on the paved entrance and went for a walk, some drinks and a nice restaurant, El Nito, that Jim point out for us.

we got the covers from the other bad and used it on ours.

The room is not big but spacious enough and we can be there again in the future.

k1200lt naked
On the afternoon the tide is high and you can see it right next to the 'malecon'
san felipe beach

and on next morning, the water is all back many hundred feet.

san felipe beaches
The water here is suppose to be warmer and pleasant.
san felipe light
  san felipe ocean

Next morning we depart 9:55AM, after a breakfast at the hotel and after filling gas on all bikes. The GS used a lot of gas and I'm not sure why. was one of my worst averages ever: 30mpg. Could be some gas that I lost when I empty the tank last week, but still... very bad.

Right after the town of San Felipe we saw many dune bugs having fun on the sand there.

bugs on the sands
On the way back we were stopped at the Military Inspection that is on the junction of Highways 5 and 3. They are looking for arms and drugs. Checked all the bikes and opens some bags but noting major. Vickie took a picture of all of then grouped around our bikes. Mexico inspection

Doug and his wife Vickie were the organizer for this trip. They choose the places to go and the time of the year was perfect: every body else has frozen roads and we were in a sunny Baja California.

Thank you Doug and Vickie.

bmw lt 1200

Our fearless leder Jim.

He got us to a good food and lead the path in a very pleasant and safe manner.

Thank you !!

silver bmw k1200lt
Yair was a great company on the trip. The had some amazing stories at every meal and was good to ear him about his worldwide experiences. K1200LT BMW

The Highway 3 over the mountains from East to West is a great road. Some very nice views and twisters in a good pavement.

The crossing took us about 4:30 hours for 160 miles. We stopped a couple of times and enjoy the ride.

mexico highway 3

Entering Ensenada from highway 3 is quite a view. The least word would be 'interesting'.

Ensenada traffic was a little crazier then Calexico, but still no incidents besides a dog and his conductor jumping in front of Doug and Vickie.


We stay at the Best Western in Ensenada. The view was great and the room was good, but at night it was too noise. We had tourist noise until 2:00AM. If you book there, do not get the front rooms at 850 pesos.

The huge Mexican flag is a must see on the town. Looks like it's the size of a football field.

Best Western Ensenada

Again Jim took us to a nice place to eat fish tacos. Note the small cart with candies on top. They are everywhere.

There is a Brazilian restaurant there, but I would not recommend. I went to check and they are far from the real deal in Brazil.

mexican market
Don't you wonder where to put those nice decorations at your home? mexican decoration

Another way to came to Ensenada is by cruise. There are week ships here from Los Angeles and San Diego.

carnival cruize to mexico
Next morning we left around 10:00AM from Highway 3 to Tecate. We stop at the L.A. Cetto Winery but not sure if it worth. It's suppose to have on of the best wines in Mexico, but you can't compare with Central Cal. wineries. l.a. Cetto Winery
The only road I could really use the GS: couple miles from the winery to the highway. It's a compact dirty and the GS performed explendid there. On the LT I would never ride it faster then 20/25 mph and I did 60mph on the GS. On the picture you can see the 3 LT's back there. dirth road winery motorcycle
The border has a long line, but on the motorcycle you can ride on the right and go all the way to the front. border tecate
Another great road in California: Highway 94 and S1. Perfect for motorcycling. motorcycling in california
How about this helmet hanger that Jim uses? helmet hanger
The GS is almost ready for our great trip. As soon as we fix the seat I would say it's ready. We had no problems and all the settings and upgrades I did worked perfect on this 'test' trip. bmw GS1150


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Who is Elton

I was born in Brazil and moved to USA, California in 1996. Took me some time to learn the language and get into this country, but I think now I'm doing quite well. I became an American citizen in late 2007.
I love to travel and by the time I was writing this page, I had logged more them 140.000 miles on the motorcycles I have/had. My current bikes are one 2002 BMW K1200LTe and one 2003 BMW R1150GS. Also there are many more miles on my car and much more on airplane trips.
Winter I try to do Snowmobile. Summer is time for water sports (PWC) and I motorcycle year around (one of the benefits of living in sunny California)

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