BMW K1200LTMoab, UT and Ouray, CO

May 2006

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This Memorial Weekend the wife and I went for our best motorcycle trips so far.

We left Thursday 25th after our work around 2:30PM so we were able to bit the holiday traffic and went back on Tuesday morning.


Zion National Park

The boring I-15 from home to Las Vegas and from there to Mesquite were boring as usual, but the canyons between Littelfield, AZ and Utah was like always a blessing after 320 miles of nothing.

The most exiting thing on I-15 was seeing this new Dodge (I guess), doing a test ride on the desert.

The license plates were from Michigan and there was a SUV and one sedan 4 doors in the front.

New dodge
Nevada Canyons

Our first gas stop was in Las Vegas, 230 miles from home. There the temperature was 104F and we were using those neck coolers. They work but they are not so good.  We arrived at the gas station around 5:30 and wait until 6:00PM, so the traffic was better, but the heat wasn’t.
Mesquite at 7:00PM was 103F and we stop at the Utah Visitor Center, 350 miles from home, for our dinner. Eliane prepared some sandwiches and we had more water. At 7:30PM we left the Visitor Center and head to Springdale, at the Zion National Park entrance.

We arrived at the The Watchman campsite right before 9:00PM (California time, 10:00PM Utah time) and pitched our tent next to our friend’s tent that was already there. They were at the town watching the movie at the Imax Theatre.


Zion National Park
The night was rough. Not sure why but we both could not sleep at all. Not usual for us on the tent, but something must have been make us be awake.
Today we rode I-15 and UT-9 in a total of 390 miles in 5:30 driving hours/6:30 total. Got temperatures from 85F to 104F and no wind.
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San Bernardino - Springdale road map